About Us

Half Lemon Creations (HLC) will have collections of retail items inspired by life. It’s an idea sparked from our oldest son and it quickly became a family project to create a company that taps into our creativity and faith, and is interwoven with our love of the outdoors, our beach town, and our country. We aspire to do some good in this world and help others.  A portion of the profits will be donated quarterly to local charities.

What’s a Half Lemon? For some,  it’s literally a lemon sliced in half. For us, it’s the enthusiasm of a child telling you that they are going to give their best half lemon smile today. It's their best effort no matter the obstacle or outcome. Their unbridled excitement for life and their wholehearted belief in the good in this world.  We decided to make a company that will reflect these values through our various collections. We hope you will enjoy our items.

Join the movement! Most of our products will be Made in the USA or assembled and/or printed in the USA from globally sourced materials. Your items will be crafted one at a time for you, through a Print-on-Demand model, eliminating overproduction and waste.

As reflected in our motto of one of our collections, we strive to do small things with great love. Join us!

~The Half Lemon Creations Team